Woodstock Ethos

Quality – Woodstock is committed to using only the highest quality materials and components. Our decks are crafted from the highest grade, hand selected Canadian Maple, Bamboo, and rigorously tested longboard specific adhesives and laminates. As riders we are aware that a longboard is only as good as its weakest component. You will find nothing but premium materials and construction in our decks and wheels, and we back that up with a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Performance – Our riders are focused on performance…and having fun. The smallest refinements in shape, flex, sag, rebound, etc. can define how well a board performs. We spare no effort in making certain that every element of a completed Woodstock Longboard is perfect before it is released.

Heritage – Like you, we love to test new gear. It genuinely stokes us to innovate and to see innovation from others. That said, we are a bit of a purist company. We prefer clean lines and thoughtful contours to overshaped designs. This is also true in regards to materials. Every inclusion in a Woodstock Longboard is performance driven. You will never find a trend element included where it is not required, or does not improve performance.