Landlord Drop Through Deck 40 Inch


Mounting: Drop Through or Top Mount
Non flared trucks like Paris, Caliber, and Gun Mental as well as nearly all precision trucks easily mount drop through, or top mount a set of Bear or Randal trucks, the choice is yours!

Material: Maple
9 Plys of Hand Selected, Grain Similar, Canadian Maple

Concave: Minor
A very minor concave allows the board to be super stable at speeds while still allowing leverage on the rails when making turns.

Profile: Light Camber
A very minor camber adds a built in suspension for an even smoother ride

Flex: Mid-Stiff
The mid-stiff flex of this board maximizes stability while bombing hills and yet remains soft enough to push around town.

Grip: Black
The factory applied black grip on Woodstock boards keeps your feet locked in and also features a center die cut showing the Woodstock logo

Dimensions: 40″
Length: 40″
Width: 10″
Wheel Base: 34.5″
Deck Concave: .13″
Unweighted Platform Camber: 0″
Primary Sag: .13 – .31″

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Woodstock Landlord Longboard

The Woodstock Landlord loves chewing up roads and spitting them out. Designed to handle everything you can throw at it, the Landlord is truly a shred it all design. To compliment this, Woodstock designed the Landlord to be mounted as either a drop through or top mount! By keeping the cutout as minimal as possible the Landlord is able to maintain the strength of a top mount design while allowing for drop through mounting on all non flared trucks like Paris and Caliber, and nearly every precision truck on the market. If Bear or Randal trucks or more your style, or you simply prefer a top mount design, the minimal cutout allows the board to still look and ride and more importantly, perform at its peak when top mounted. Built in gas pedals allow for acceleration through turns and provide a huge riding platform to make for serious hill bombing. A fairly rigid design makes breaking into massive slides a breeze. And while the Landlord is at home when charging and sliding, it still loves the casual commute around town thanks to it’s comfortable minor concave and easy push-ability. The only rent the Woodstock Landlord demands from you is ride time, but fair warning, it wants to be ridden a lot!