Mutants Longboard Wheels 70mm

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Hub Alignment: Center Set
A center set hub puts weight directly over the wheel allowing a perfectly predictable and controllable ride.

Finish: Stone-ground
A stone-ground finish, besides looking great, allows the wheels to come pre-broken in. These can slide with ease from day one!

Wheel Lip: Rounded
The rounded lip on these wheels make breaking in to slides easy and buttery smooth.

Duro: 80a
With an 80a duro it is the perfect blend for carving and sliding any surface.

Wheel Size: 70mm
Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 47mm
Urethane Depth: 16.5mm

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Mutants Longboard Wheels 70mm

It’s time for your riding to evolve, but this is no normal growth. These will mutate your board into a sliding, freeriding machine! The Woodstock Mutants are unlike any wheel you’ve ridden. Utilizing a premium upgraded urethane, their durability is unnatural and the rebound is insane. A specially designed core and 80a duro combine to make the Mutants roll faster than any wheel on the market! The wheel is finished with a rounded lip and a stone-ground finish to eliminate the need for break-in time. Simply throw them on your board and slide your way through town. Don’t just change your riding experience, mutate it!