Streakers Longboard Wheels 72mm

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Durometer: 78a
Diameter: 72mm
Width: 56mm
Contact Width: 53mm
Hub Position: 80 Percent offset to truckside
Set of 4 wheels


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Woodstock Streakers Longboard Wheels 72mm

Let it all hang out! Woodstock Streakers are exceptionally versatile wheels with a focus on grip, chatter absorption, predictability at maximum velocity and carvabilty at all speeds. You get 53mm of pavement contact width for an ultra stable platform for riders of all abilities, but due to the hub position at 80 percent truckside and beefed up inner lip this wheel is stand up slideable by advanced riders. Drifting soft urethane is pure magic. Whether its big mountain roads, city streets, or campus sidewalks the Streakers will get you there faster, smoother and grippier than any other. We’re going streaking. Are you with us?