Tune In Drop Deck 41 Inch


Deck: 9 Plys of Hand Selected, Grain Similar, Canadian Maple
Grip Tape: Includes factory applied grip tape with Woodstock deck logo circular die cut.


Length: 41″
Center Width: 9.75″
One Foot Off Nose: 9.63″
One Foot Off Tail: 9.63″
Deck Drop: 1.25″
Concave: .38″, Flat at footwells
Platform: 24.5″
Primary Sag: 3.25″
Unweighted Platform Camber: .25″

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Woodstock Tune In Drop Deck 41 Inch Longboard Deck

Tune in to this board and drop out from the rest of the world! The Woodstock Tune In Drop Deck will have you dreaming of nothing but scorching hairpin turns and sceaming into stand up slides with wild abandon…and the rest of the world ceasing to matter. Tree lined roads are now your home, pavement your flooring. The 1.25″ drop keeps you low to the ground and stable in any conditions, while a .38″ concave with flat footwells will lock you in and make drifting into slides easy, predictable and relaxed. Don’t worry if you’re not up to bombing hills yet, the intuitive design and foot hugging concave keep this board easy and smooth to ride while racing down hills or simply pushing to class. No matter how you use the Tune In Drop Deck, one thing is for sure, you’ll never want to ride anything else. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!