Woodstock Pyro Longboard Wheels 70 mm

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Hub Alignment: Center Set
A center set hub puts weight directly over the wheel allowing a perfectly predictable and controllable ride.

Finish: Stone-ground
A stone-ground finish, besides looking great, allows the wheels to come pre-broken in. These can slide with ease from day one!

Wheel Lip: Rounded
The rounded lip on these wheels make breaking in to slides easy and buttery smooth.

Duro: 80a
With an 80a duro it is the perfect blend for carving and sliding any surface.

Wheel Size: 70mm
Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 42mm
Urethane Depth: 16.5mm

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Woodstock Pyro Longboard Wheels 70mm :

 Light the roads on fire! The Woodstock Pyro wheel is designed to burn down hills, scorch sidewalks and ignite your riding. Made from ultra premium urethane, the Pyros last forever and provide unbelievable rebound. Rolled lips and a stone-ground finish mean the Pyro is ready for massive slides right out of the packaging. Gone are the days of having to break in your wheels, the Pyro grips when you want and slides on command from day one. A 42mm contact patch makes cracks, rocks and bumps feel like flat pavement, and at a duro of 80a it is the perfect blend of stiffness and forgiveness to destroy everywhere you venture! Just make sure they don’t catch your board on fire!