Woodstock Ripsaw Longboard Wheels 67 mm

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Hub Alignment: Center Set
A center set hub puts weight directly over the wheel allowing a perfectly predictable and controllable ride.

Finish: Stone-ground
A stone-ground finish, besides looking great, allows the wheels to come pre-broken in. These can slide with ease from day one!

Wheel Lip: Squared
A squared lip provides premium hold while making aggressive carves even at insane speeds.

Duro: 80a
With an 80a duro it is the perfect blend for carving and sliding any surface.

Wheel Size: 67mm
Diameter: 67mm
Contact Patch: 41mm
Urethane Depth: 16.5mm

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Woodstock Ripsaw Longboard Wheels 70mm

 The Woodstock Ripsaw wheels will have you tearing your way through whatever the road throws in front of you. Designed to cut through the roughest pavement conditions, the Ripsaw wheels are the ultimate do everything wheel on the market. Utilizing a 41mm contact patch this wheel can shoot down and carve the steepest runs imaginable. When you add in a stone ground finish you now have a wheel that slides on command. If you are looking to rip your way across the streets and sidewalks and then bomb hills the Ripsaw is the wheel for you.